“Coins for Canines” 


We are continuing our “Coins for Canines” campaign. We all collect an enormous amount of change in our pockets, purses, backpacks, and vehicles. Lets us help you take the weight off by collecting it for our furry four-legged fosters.

Help us help them by bringing your coins with you to Petco on East Main St., Farmington, New Mexico. We are there every Saturday from 12 to 3pm. Just bring in that ashtray full of change when you stop by to say hello. Every penny helps!

As always thank you for helping us help them.


Scratch and Help

Scratch & Help

Our Scratch and Help fundraiser cards are here. It’s easy all you have to do is scratch 2 or more spots donate that amount and receive a coupon sheet that will earn savings at our local merchants. So stop by Petco on Saturdays from noon to three and give us a SCRATCH!!!!

We still have plenty of spots that need “Scratching!!!!”. So head on into Petco on Saturdays and give us a Scratch.

As always thank you for helping us help them.