How You Can Help!


First and foremost we want to get our rescues into their very own homes.


Because we do not have a facility, our foster animals live in our homes with us so we do not really have opportunities for volunteers to assist in daily care.

That being said,  we do keep cats in the cages at the Petco, in Farmington, NM and those cages need to be cleaned when the store opens in the morning and again before closing each evening.  This would be a  GREATLY appreciated way that someone could help us out!!

In the past, we have had a quilting group make the fleece pads that we put in the Petco cages.  And another volunteer makes small “carrier” pads that we can send home with cats when they are adopted. We are looking for some crafty folks to make us a few more of those.

We can always use more muscle helping us set-up and take down tables & crates for our adoption days most Saturdays at Petco!!

Email us at if you are interested in any of these volunteer activities.


Our greatest need is more foster homes for both dogs and cats.  We currently do not have enough homes to keep kitty litters separate so if a group comes in with upper respiratory infection or ringworm, there’s a good chance they will share it now matter how careful we are.  Our goal this year (2019) is to keep each litter/colony group/cohort in a separate foster home, at least until they have been vaccinated so we can reduce the potential of them sharing illnesses.  This means that we will not be able to take in as many cats & kittens as we have in past years until we are able to find more foster homes.

To be a foster, you will need:

  • to have a room you can keep the kittens separated from your own animals, at least until vaccinated.
  • the time to play with and love as your own so that they learn to live as a valued family member, which will help them adjust well once they are adopted into a permanent home/family.


Critters don’t pay their own way and food, medical care, and other miscellaneous expenses add up quickly. We are a non profit 501-c-3 and operate solely on donations. All the monies we receive go right back into the care of our little critters. Your charitable donation is always welcome and appreciated, for without the support from you and our community the work we do would not be possible. Please click on the link below to make your donation. Thank you in advance, OHCAAT.